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Here they come a few more calls for rats coming in now . Rats will start to come into businesses , gardens, homes and farms as food runs out in the fields. Lots of rats will have made a cosy home by a field of crops and and spend the summer in a field . Now the fields have been harvested and ploughed rats are on the look out for new food. Here are some tips to help you stay rat free.

1. Make sure you fit a rat guard to your bird feeder , don’t throw bread out on the floor.
2. Check around your house replace or wire any holes or broken vents .
3.If you have a lot of materials like wood . stack the wood off the ground on some raised pallets .
4. Rats don,t like ex[posing them selves to predators. If your gardens over grown strim it down and keep it tidy.
5. Clear up any windfall fruit which may be dropping off trees .
6. Make sure your rubbish bins are fitted with tight fitting lids and pulled away from bushes or walls so rats cant get up on top of them.
7. The above will reduce the chances of having a rat issue If you still get rats call a professional Martin Good Knight Pest control-07715216040